Thursday, 1 June 2017

Repusurance | How to Repair a Damaged Online Reputation | Online Reputation Repair

Online Reputation Management (Repusurance) is dealing with how your customers see you and your business enterprise in digital area. 
Repusurance | Online Reputation Repair
Online Reputation Repair

We(Repusurance) have practical experience in repairing your online profile, supplanting negative indexed lists with positive scope; reestablishing your notoriety rapidly and successfully.

These days, more and much more personal information is shared on the web. For example, any of your close friends might talk about your name or mention it in a social network or tag you on online Photos, Videos or your name could seem to be in blog posts or articles.

In current trend Google search is usually the first place persons look for information, that's publicized about you. Here are a couple of ways to deal with your online reputation and helps to manage what people see when they look for your name on Google search:

1. Search for yourself by exact name:

Search for your exact name, Known by other persons on Google to see what information comes up about you.

2. Identify Your Online Reputation on Google search

The first stage to managing any situation is identifying whether or not you have any troubles and, if so, how bad the trouble really is. We'll guide you identify your Google ranking, or, what shows up in the Google search results for your name and business or in what order they show up. Primarily based on how your name or business ranks, we'll help you figure out what helpful action you require to consider.

3. Determine How Much Work You Have and Make a Strategy

When you know where you take a position, it's time to be practical and start enhancing your Google search outcomes. Your objective is to fill your first page of Google search with as many positive outcomes results as possible. Depending on your web reputation, you can figure out how much work is pending to do and make a Strategy accordingly. We'll cover how to deal with each situation in the next few segments.

4. Create a Google profile that suits your passion:

With a professional Google profile, you can manage the information about your name and business — such as your contact details, bio and other information of your business and about you that people see.

5. Remove content and associated search results that are unwanted

If you find unwanted content online that given below:

1. Your telephone number.

2. An inappropriate photo of you—that you don't want to appear online

First figure out whether you or someone else controls that online content of yours. If the undesirable content exists on a site or page you don't manage, you can follow Google link removal tips for removing personal information about yourself from Google.
Steps to remove information from Google:
You can ask Google to remove your sensitive personal information, like your bank account number, or an image of your handwritten signature, or sexually explicit image or a nude or video of you that’s been shared without your approval, from Google search results.
Google Removal Policies:

Google want to arrange the world’s information and facts to make it universally readily available, but there are a few circumstances where we will eliminate content from Google Search

Legal Removals:

Google remove unwanted content from Google search query results if it includes:

1. Child sexual abuse photographs

2. We also remove information in response to valid legal needs, such as copyright notifications that meet the specifications of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Personal information:

Google may remove specific types of very sensitive personal information from Google Search Outcomes.

Information Google may remove:

1. National recognition numbers like U.S. Social Security Number.

2. Argentine Single Tax Identity Number.

3. Brazil Cadastral de pesosFiscals.

4. Korea Resident Registration Number.

5. China Resident Identity Card.

6. Bank account numbers.

7. Credit card numbers

8. Images of signatures

9. Nude or sexually explicit images that were uploaded or shared without your consent

Information Google usually don’t remove

1. Date of birth

2. Addresses

3. Telephone numbers

Monday, 29 May 2017

Repusurance | These Uber reviews are too funny to handle

Have you ever rolled on floor laughing when you are just accompanied by a cab driver? Or any of the incident of your uber driver that made you to laugh? I know it sounds strange but this is the fact. People have shared their experiences through reviews on internet, blogs and social sites. Earlier we preferred sharing such incidences with our family and friends but since we have many ways to share it with the world, we are doing that. And people find them helpful too. First reason is that sometimes they provides you enough information about the services and second is that they are one of the best ways of entertainment.
Many times you stuck in a situation feeling helpless but at times you find them funny too. Every day we come through some of the incidences making us laugh, but how many times we share it with public? If you ever had any funny incident happened with you, I would suggest you to share it with us, may be it could be helpful for anyone of us.
Here are some of the funny reviews of Uber cabs posted by people:
Driver stopped the car to yell at a pigeon:
A review went viral recently where a girl shared her experience with an Uber driver. Like everyday Samantha booked a cab with Uber to go to her office. She was hardly 1 mile away from her home when her driver did something that she could not stop herself laughing. On the way, her Uber driver found a pigeon sitting in the middle of the road. After making many efforts and blowing horn crazily, pigeon did not even move a bit. Finally the driver lost his patience and got down from the car. She was worried as she thought driver will definitely going to kill him, but what she saw the other moment made her laugh. As the driver went near the pigeon, Samantha followed him since she did not want him to hurt the pigeon. But he stopped and started yelling at pigeon which was quite funny. Are you deaf? Or you are here for a suicide? Tell me what do you want, Die if you want to but do not even dare to get collide with my car. And he picked the pigeon and kept him aside. That was really a funny experience. I kept laughing for hours and shared the incident in my office.
Uber driver stole my Girlfriend:
I don’t know whether to laugh at it or feel sorry for the guy. Sounds funny but can’t imagine if my girlfriend leave me for an Uber driver, but this is what happened with Jacob Smith of Texas. The day he fixed a date with her girlfriend turned into the worst day since he kept waiting for her girlfriend and his girlfriend was sitting in a restaurant with the Uber driver. Jacob himself described “Damn the Uber driver was too handsome and god my girlfriend left me for him”. As he posted the review, it went viral and had millions of views. It received an unexpected response that even Jacob was shocked to see. The review which he shared just for the sake of sharing received a huge response. We hope his girlfriend come back to him after seeing his popularity.
When your Uber driver ask you to kiss his pet rat:
This one will definitely kill you with laughter. A girl (not disclosing her identity) posted a review where her Uber driver kept asking her to kiss his pet rat. According to the girl, driver had a rat which was sitting on his shoulder, that was cute but I found it funny when he asked me to kiss it. Ah! That was crazy, I don’t even like rats. We were travelling in a same cab was more than enough for me for that day. And he was asking me to kiss his rat! I avoided while passing a smile but the next crazy thing that driver did was pleaded me to kiss his rat.

Hope you found the reviews funny. Contact Repusurance if you don’t want such reviews making fun of your business or ruining your reputation. Manage your rating & reviews, save your business.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Reputation management

Whether you are individual or big organization your online reputation matters to you. Social media has become so popular these days that it can harm your career and personal lives greatly. Your images with friends and some pictures you never wanted to post are over web through social media creating some personal problems. Your official sites ranking is lower than the fake one or the objectionable links or articles. 

Why you need us?
You alone cannot tackle this entire problem and may be wandering from where it has risen. We offer services related to such problems. If your online presence is killing your morale, then please go through our packages and avail the one most suited to your requirement. If everything you look doesn’t please you then do have a chat with our expert and he will suggest you better, whether to go for a plan package or specialized service.

Know where you stand
Everything will be crystal clear to you regarding online presence if you sign out of your account in the respective search engine. Just type your title in search bar and the results will show online presence of that title. You are having true results as anyone will have them displayed before him for that specific keyword. Now you can analyze that for your own keyword where do you stand. After this you can check our package plans that suit your needs or have a chat with our expert and go for specialized service.

Benefits of our assistance
By all this you are going for reputation management services and you can tackle any problem regarding your reputation through our assistance. You will have tension free personal and professional lives by switching to our services. Business growth and brand value will increase beyond expectations this all is due to your maintained digital assets.  Reputation management services will streamline everything for you.

Know the secret
Whenever negative content is submitted against your brand for a certain keyword our reputation management will be alerted and counter measures will be taken as soon as possible. Even you are an individual the same procedure is done and everything will be normal and online reputation remains unharmed.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Repusurance | What are some online reputation issues a brand might experience?
Repair Your Online Reputation

We (Repusurance) get a lot of customers when they face significant conditions with their online reputations sacrificed. However, it is not only when your image requires a positive move that you require an online reputation management Expert. You can also use it as a continual maintenance approach to keep up good image.

Cyber Defamation 

This world is full of people differentiated on the path they take i.e. right or wrong. Don’t be in a misconception that if you are on right path nobody will harm you. Currently web has become a platform where you can be framed wrongly. Without your knowledge morphed images of yours can be uploaded on web citing you as defaulter. This may ruin your career, reputation and lead to disgrace. Now only you know that you have not done anything objectionable but whole world is watching something else on web. For this kind of problem Repusurance proves to be beneficial. Here we will through the IP address of that person will track him and ask him to remove it and furthermore requesting search engine not to post this morphed content.
Cyber attacks are common these days for businesses and they are framed wrongly whether big or small. Such attacks can be in the form of posts, articles or morphed images. These come uninvited and harm you badly in your career or business. Cyber Defamation can be tackled by identifying the individual or the pc from where it had been generated.  A photoshoped image or edited videos are main source to defame someone online. Your solution to such a kind of problem is Repusurance . After you request our services we immediately make a strategy to take you out such situation within twenty four hours. Your reputation will be restored by filling true and positive information about you online. In the process your identity to seek our help will not be disclosed and every step will be taken on by keeping your emotional aspect in mind.
We will not limit ourselves only to the removal but also help you to sue the culprits if needed. Your online defamation can be removed and positive image can be restored. It is easy to use our services by choosing the plan of your need. If you don’t want a plan but are in hurry to resolve some specific issues, you can contact expert and tell your requirements. He will guide you in a better way.

Company entrepreneurs are often taken off-guard by online reputation problems. Many don’t even understand they need to be worried about their reputation online. A common concern I hear is: 
  1. Why are people stating bad things about us on the Online?
  2. What can we do about it?
Professionals can spend long several years establishing a strong brand. It can be beyond disturbing to wake up one day and see defamatory remarks showing online, especially when the items move beyond beneficial criticism to include unbelievable accusations and even slanderous or libelous comments. 

Even worse, the unfavorable reviews are often on internet websites that rank high in search engines, so anyone doing a search on the business name will most likely see them. Whether the comments are true or not, these unfavorable search results jeopardize the company’s online reputation.